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Monthly Archive for April, 2014

36 Weeks

For most of my life, I didn’t actually want kids.  Then I hit about 30 and I felt like all the planning and responsible adult things that we were doing were for nothing without a family.  Why build up a 401k and have a great career when I could just be a waitress living in […]

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Teddy Goes on a Playdate

On Sunday we met up with a friend to take our dogs out for a hike.  There’s a nice park when the dogs can go off leash.  Teddy was so happy.  He spent a lot of time sniffing.   He also spent a lot of time bounding around with other dogs.  We have a dog […]

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Spot-breasted Parrotbill

I didn’t make it out birding this weekend because I couldn’t muster the energy.  It’s such a pain to have to carry around a 10-pound lens at this stage.  I’ve started getting those Braxton Hicks contractions, and damn those things hurt.  I had all these aspirations for a natural birth that are quickly going away. […]

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Song Sparrow at Red Butte Garden

I really wanted to go to Antelope Island this weekend, but it turns out that you can’t take day-long trips when you’re eight-months pregnant.  Pregnancy wasn’t really hard until this point, but now it’s really difficult.  I’m tired, my feet are swollen, and this baby loves to kick.  I’m so glad that she’s healthy and […]

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Teddy Roosevelt Positions

My favorite Teddy Roosevelt position is when he extends his front paw like an arm.  He reminds me of the Dos Equis man when he does it. Teddy really likes me lately, maybe because I take him on a lot of walks to get my steps up.  I wonder if he’s extra protective because he […]

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