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I’m not sure what’s working, but my skin feels 90% better.  I haven’t even been itchy today, but that can quickly change.  For the past four days the angry welts with white centers haven’t reappeared and the pus clusters between my fingers and toes are gone.  The doctor thinks the prednisone I took for five days stopped the progression of the ranch.  I’ve also taken oatmeal baths for most nights, an oatmeal moisturizer after I shower, Gold Bond when I’m very itchy, and oatmeal for breakfast.  In summary, oatmeal is awesome.


Today we took Teddy Roosevelt back to that park we went with a friend a couple of weeks ago.  It’s a great place for a dog to run off leash.



It’s funny how bored Teddy was yesterday because we didn’t do anything.  I was having Braxton Hicks contractions and I spent the afternoon sleeping to avoid the pain.  When you contrast Teddy’s attitude being stuck lounging around all day yesterday with his expressions during the walk today, it’s amazing.




This is a puppy that loves the outdoors.



He loves to take inventory of all the other dogs that marked the path.  And since this is SLC and everyone owns at least one dog, there’s a lot of markings to inspect.


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