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Monthly Archive for June, 2014

Ava Bathes

This was my last week of maternity leave. I’m so sad to have to leave her; I’m sure I’ll cry at least once on Monday. But we have an amazing woman looking after Ava so I know she’ll be fine without me there.   I’ve been trying to savor the time this weekend and focus […]

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Thanks to my wonderful in-laws I was able to go birding at Red Butte Garden recently.  I found a juvenile Black-billed Magpie that was quite tolerant of having his picture taken.  I had to back up to get all of the bird in my 500mm lens. You can tell this is a juvenile by the […]

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Ava Sleeps

Ava is generally a good sleeper during the night.  She usually sleeps from midnight to 3, nurses for an hour, sleeps from 4 to 6:30 or 7, and then from 7:30 or 8 to 8:30.  There was one day where she slept too much during the day and then wanted to have fun all night, […]

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Teddy Roosevelt and Ava

Someday I expect that Ava and Teddy will be best friends. But at first I was very cautious of the dog. He was too eager to jump on my stomach while I was pregnant. When we brought Ava home he was intensely curious, but he couldn’t get too close to her. Eventually I let him […]

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More Ava

I think Ava sometimes dreams of feeding because I can watch her lips make the sucking movement while she’s sleeping.     She makes these half smiles like the picture above, but I know they’re just a reflex and not from joy.  The baby books say that at 6-8 weeks babies will mimic your expressions […]

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House Sparrow

I haven’t been birding for months, unless you count seeing a shell from a baby robin.  I do have some cute pictures of House Sparrows from last March.  There’s one tree at Red Butte Garden where they’re always eating.     I know House Sparrows are very common, but they’re lovely birds. I’m hoping I […]

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