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Someday I expect that Ava and Teddy will be best friends. But at first I was very cautious of the dog. He was too eager to jump on my stomach while I was pregnant. When we brought Ava home he was intensely curious, but he couldn’t get too close to her. Eventually I let him lick her feet and he calmed down. Now he often sits next to me while I’m holding Ava and he’ll check her out when she’s in her swing or carseat.




She doesn’t notice him yet, but the literature says she can’t see more than a foot in front of her.  At this stage she recognizes Jon and I, this morning she was fascinated by a plant, and yesterday she was transfixed by the chandelier.  When other people hold her and then she comes back to one of us, she has a spark of recognition.  People often remark on her level of engagement.



Now that Teddy isn’t as worried about Ava, he’s interested in the smell coming from her diaper.  He also wants to make sure that we aren’t ignoring him in favor of Ava.



Ava smiles sometimes now.  I can’t wait until she laughs.


2 Responses to “Teddy Roosevelt and Ava”

  1. Kathy Walters says:

    Ava is so precious. My son has two pit bull dogs. At six months old, there are times that my grandson won’t settle unless he can see one of the dogs. Ava and Teddy may develop that bond sooner than you think.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    That is so sweet! I would love them to bond like that.