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Ava Is Two Months Old

It took two months, but I think I’ve finally gotten a handle on this mommy thing.  We’ve hopefully lessened Ava’s gas problems.  She still has times where she cries, but it’s not for hours on end.  And honestly, even if it was I’m now over it.  Before I was so scared and full of doubts; it’s always fear of the unknown with me.  But now I know that she can cry for three straight hours and neither of us will die, although I did consider using earplugs.


I will admit that there were a few days where I was scared to go home from work and really scared of the looming weekend because it would involve endless days of listening to her cry.  I was scared that I might go through an experience like this.  I’m definitely not cut out to be a stay at home mom.  I much prefer getting excited to see her at the end of the day and having the patience to deal with her, which I suspect I’d be lacking after the ninth hour of staying with her at home.



I’m not ashamed to admit that I can get very excited about Ava’s bodily functions.  I totally relate to Mihow’s tweet.  What I didn’t get before is that variations from normalcy can result in the baby being in pain.  I’m not excited about poop as much as I’m excited that Ava won’t continue to scream every time she has gas.



Onto the cute tidbits!

  • She’s really understanding that her arms are attached to her body and she uses them with purpose.  It used to be that she would push your face if you kissed her too much or swat at a bottle when she was full.  Now she’ll also grab my arm when I’m carrying her.
  • When Ava eats she’ll use her hand to caress me.  It’s incredibly endearing and I have to resist the urge to tear up every time.
  • Ava noticeably prefers breast milk to formula.  She’ll accept bottles of formula, but if you give her a bottle with breast milk she’s make an “am-um-um” noise.
  • I’m not sure if it’s cooing or babbling, but Ava’s noises are insanely cute.
  • Ava prefers to direct her noises at some brightly colored wrapping paper.  She will stare at that wrapping paper longer than anything else you can give her.


2 Responses to “Ava Is Two Months Old”

  1. Wonderful stories! I can totally relate to the part about discovering that it is possible for a baby to cry for three hours straight without anything disastrous happening, though I wish I’d experimented with trying a bottle with some mild anti-gas preparation…

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I think one attribute of patent attorneys is that we look for a solution to everything. I have a growing list of things to try when Ava cries. So far it’s: feed her, try gripe water, put her on my shoulder and walk around patting her back, give her to Jon to fix, check her diaper, put her in front of wrapping paper, walk her up and down the stairs, stand in front of the AC, and show her the trees outside.