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We live in an oddly shaped bungalow house.  The house isn’t very wide, but it’s very deep like a shoebox.  This results in a narrow rooms.  The master bedroom is just the upstairs of the house.  When we first moved in, we put the bed at the front of the upstairs so that the window was behind the headboard.  This setup became problematic after Ava was born because I need to get out of the bed easily for changing Ava’s diaper, putting her in a crib someday, etc.  So when my dad was here, he kindly volunteered to help me rearrange the position of the bed to a different wall.


We wound up switching the position of the bed with the cockatiels’ setup.  I thought they’d be really excited to be next to a window where they could see everything that was happening outside.



Unfortunately, Trevor is scared of everything that happens outside, and Conner and Trevor prefer to be in utter darkness.  Stonewall loves the light, and would start singing at 6:30.  After spending all night waking up and tending to the baby, this was even less acceptable than if I was getting regular sleep.  So now there are curtains in front of that window.  Stonewall likes the setup.  He doesn’t fight with Trevor as much as he did before.



Stonewall is the only one of the cockatiels that’s curious about Ava.  The other cockatiels hiss at her or run away when we walk near them.  I think it’s because of all her crying.  But Stonewall is so interested that sometimes he flies to the bed to look at her.  Here he is creeping up on her.  Moments after this was taken he chewed on her sock.


2 Responses to “The Cockatiels Want Darkness”

  1. Tiffany says:

    The picture of Ava with Stonewall approaching is sweet lol! Glad you got it all worked out for the boys and you. Between the teil-y dynamics and preferences, it must have taken a careful strategy to be successful.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I think we’re at about 80%. Stonewall was chirping throughout the night last night. I think the more I move, the more he thinks it’s playtime so he’s especially active when Ava is sleeping poorly.