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The Witching Hour

I wasn’t able to post this weekend because Ava has decided that she hates being in our TV area.  Even if she’s sleeping and you sit down in the area, she’ll start to cry.  She’s been crying a lot this week actually.  She had several days where she’d cry inconsolably for hours starting at 11 am and around 6-8 pm.  It was rough.  These are full throated cries.

She seems to have a lot of gas, so we’re in the process of experimenting with different formulas (I’m supplementing with formula), distilled water, mylicon drops, and gripe water.  So far the gripe water is working wonders and Ava is back to being a generally happy baby.  I really hope it continues.  The literature suggests that this is completely normal and her crying will progressively decrease until she’s four months old.  Here’s hoping.  There’s nothing worse than seeing your baby in pain.  I prefer this face:




Ava is staying awake for longer periods of time.  I thought that babies were kind of lumps in the beginning and that you’d haul them around with you, but that it took awhile for their personalities to come through.  I was so wrong.  Ava is very engaged and she wants your undivided attention.  She’ll enjoy staring at the chandelier for a minute, but then you need to move her to a new thing to look at.  If you’re playing with her, you have to vary the play.  So first I’ll make weird noises with my tongue, then I’ll kiss her belly, then I’ll pretend to eat her feet.  She needs variety.  There are very specific rules to be followed.  Otherwise, you get this expression.




And it will devolve into crying if you don’t notice the warning signs.


I discovered recently that Ava will go into a very deep sleep if you put her on your chest.  At 5 a.m. this morning she was wide awake if you put her in her bed, but on my chest she slept for hours.  It was pretty sweet.  Things are even better when she moves her hand on my chest.  I’m a sucker for little bits of affection.


I’m conflicted about being back at work.  During the first week I was happy to have a break to work on patent law and not just baby things.  But this week…I miss Ava.  I think it’s because I know she’s uncomfortable during the day.  I wish I was there to comfort her.

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