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Monthly Archive for August, 2014

Working Mom

It’s funny how the most common question that I get asked after how Ava is doing is how I’m doing with being a working mom.  People assume that I’m going to feel bad for leaving Ava while I go to work.  I’m sure a lot of people would judge me for not having cried the […]

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Saturday Morning I mentioned in my previous post that Ava is growing too big to comfortably sleep on top of me in the mornings.  Well, I’m writing this post at 7:48 am on a Saturday because Ava could never find a position on me that she liked.  I really hope this is temporary.  I was […]

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Keeping the Baby Entertained

Ava is a pretty happy baby these days.   She cries if she’s hungry, tired, or bored, but those are all reasonable things to get upset about.  When it comes to boredom, it used to be that Ava wanted to be moved from thing to thing to thing.  So I would walk inside the house […]

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Ava Is Three Months Old

Or she will be on Monday, but I can’t wait that long to post these adorable pictures!   One of my favorite bloggers believes that once she writes about something her children are doing something that concerns her, the next day they will do the opposite.  I hope to experience the same phenomenon but based […]

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At Least My Nose Will Live On

Do you ever look at your children and realize that you were merely a vessel for making a clone?  I do.   Just look at how silly we look together.  People probably think I kidnapped her.   She even has curved legs like Jon.  The only thing on her that is arguably from me is […]

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