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Ava is a pretty happy baby these days.



She cries if she’s hungry, tired, or bored, but those are all reasonable things to get upset about.  When it comes to boredom, it used to be that Ava wanted to be moved from thing to thing to thing.  So I would walk inside the house and show her the wall, the blinds, the chandelier, the fan, etc.  Then we’d go outside and I’d show her the trees.  Trees are the best because the wind makes them move and they keep Ava entertained for longer, i.e. two minutes instead of one.  This could get a little tedious on the weekends until I realized that I can play podcasts while we walk around.  Now we’re both happy.


Ava loves activities.  You can get her grinning by moving her legs.  I do a bicycle motion.  Jon shows her how to dance.



She also really likes this mobile that Jon found.  At Ava’s age babies really like black and white images so this mobile has interchangeable cards with black and white images.  It also has color cards so you can switch it up as Ava becomes more interested in color.




Ava is really lucky to have one parent who does research into toys because I would have just kept walking her from tree to tree to tree.



Ava also enjoys looking at a lamb that Tiffany knitted for her and a frog that my mom gave her.  Jon enacts plays with them where the lamb is an evil jackal that wants to eat her flesh and the frog saves the day.  The best part is when they fight each other.





The best time with Ava during the week is from 6-9:30 am.  At 6 a.m., she won’t sleep unless she’s on top of one of us.  So I put Ava on my chest and she snuggles into my neck with one leg hanging off the side.  It’s harder for her to be comfortable now that she’s so long, but we’re still making it work.  At 7 I get up to take a shower and make breakfast while she snuggles on Jon’s chest.  Around 8 Ava will hang out in the swing babbling and smiling while we eat breakfast.  It’s a wonderful life.


2 Responses to “Keeping the Baby Entertained”

  1. Tiffany says:

    So funny – I love the “evil jackal” vs frog!. Ava is so very super extrafragilisticly adorable!! This was a great post :-).

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks! Jon just found a Russian bear for Ava so we have a full cast of characters.