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Working Mom

It’s funny how the most common question that I get asked after how Ava is doing is how I’m doing with being a working mom.  People assume that I’m going to feel bad for leaving Ava while I go to work.  I’m sure a lot of people would judge me for not having cried the day I went back to work but by then I knew that Ava would be fine without me.  She has a fantastic nanny that adores her.  I did cry the day before I went to work; is that enough suffering?

How can you leave me?


Here’s the thing: parenting is hard.  After a full weekend of parenting, I look forward to going to work where my thoughts aren’t consumed by formula, breast milk, pooping, etc.  If I stayed at home with Ava all day every day, I might be impatient and I might get frustrated with her.  Right now I’m in a nice position where I’m never mad at Ava.  I might be frustrated by a situation, such as when she won’t sleep at night, but I blame the situation not the baby.

no paparazzi


After I finish work, I’m really excited to get home to my baby.  The only thing I think will be hard is when she hits milestones without me.  About a month ago, the nanny told me that Ava had been laughing and I though I had missed her first laugh.  Fortunately, we had a different definition of laughter.  Ava has been making little “heh, heh” noises for a month.  Two nights ago she laughed for the first time because Jon fake coughed at her.  You see, about a month ago Ava started making fake coughing noises.   When you fake coughed back at her she would smile and sometimes make the “heh, heh” noise.  But two nights ago she made true sounds of laughter.  It was just as wonderful as I had expected.  Happy babies are the best.


In other news, I’m down 50 pounds since Ava was born.  I have only a few pounds left to lose to be at pre-pregnancy weight, but I was too heavy at that point so I’d still like to lose 30 more pounds.  It’s all good for now, though, because I can fit into a nice selection of clothing.

4 Responses to “Working Mom”

  1. Tiffany says:

    A 3 month old fake cougher – lol, awesome!!!! Glad you are happy and doing what works for you. Dang she’s cute – I bet her laugh is too.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I should get a video of her fake cough. It’s very funny.

  3. Caitlin Bird says:

    GAH she’s so cute! Parenting IS hard work which is one reason I am foregoing that option. That leaves me to stalk the people brave enough to go that route, hehe. Good luck!

    Caitlin Bird

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks! It’s completely worth it for me, but I’m in a very lucky position and I had many years of freedom to enjoy.