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Ava had two really big milestones this week.  First, her neck is incredibly strong.  Before when you propped her up to sit she could hold her head up but it was very wobbly.  She was steadily gaining neck strength and then one day she started pitching forward when I would hold her.  And from then on, her neck was no longer wobbly.


Jon and I been taking nightly walks with Ava and Teddy Roosevelt.  I carry Ava in the baby Bjorn and Jon holds Teddy’s leash.  I switched Ava to be outward facing in the baby Bjorn for a short walk one day last week.  The next day I had her facing my chest and she complained because she knew how much better the view can be.  Every since then she’s been outward facing and she loves it.  When she gets tired she leans against my chest.  I can watch her looking up at all the trees and it’s very fun.


This isn’t a milestone yet, but Ava will soon be able to roll over.  She wants to be sitting upright and if you lay her down she tries roll over.  If you put her at an angle, she wriggles out of it.  I call this her inchworm routine because she will contort her body to slide down the pillows:



The second milestone is that Ava can have full blown laughter.  Last week Jon could make her laugh a little.  Now he can make her laugh a lot.  She thinks he’s hilarious.  He dances and makes her move to songs and she loves it.


For the past two days I’ve had trouble getting her to nurse because she’ll stop eating to laugh at me.  But only when she’s nursing on the right side.  I think she’s mocking that side.  It looks pretty funny to see her grinning with milk dripping off her chin.

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