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New House

I’ve been writing a post in my head all weekend about how hard being a working mother is, but I was too busy taking care of Ava and billing while she slept to write it.  So instead I bring you an easier post about our new house!



This house is much smaller than our old house, but it’s a better fit for a number of reasons.  First, in our old house Ava’s nursery was on the first floor and our bedroom was on the second floor.  In this house, Ava’s nursery and our bedroom are on the first floor and Ava’s nursery is a little nook attached to the bedroom.  There are two bedrooms upstairs, one of which she can move into when she’s older.  Second, the laundry area is off the kitchen so I can do laundry whenever I want. At the old house the laundry area was near the living room, which made it hard to watch television while doing laundry. Third, the kitchen is big enough that I can finally use all of my dishes and two people can be in it at the same time without bumping into each other.  I can’t show you pictures of the kitchen yet, though, because I’m still rearranging things.  But the dining room is ready!



We had that table custom made for our old house.  I’m so glad it looks good here.  The nice thing about Salt Lake City is that many of the houses are bungalows so your furniture will look good in a significant portion of the houses.  On to the living room!



Behind the chairs in the picture above is a bookshelf.  During the move, we filled my car four times with books, DVDs, and music, among other things, and we still have more than this bookshelf can hold.  Thank goodness for ebooks, though, or else our basement would be overflowing.  Can you spot Audrey’s cremation box?



The master bedroom is much smaller, but I think it’s pretty charming.  We will be painting it a light blue soon since it’s a bit bright.



The birds have their own room, which is great for me because it was so hard to juggle a baby waking up every few hours and Stonewall singing if you made too much noise.  We’ve been making an effort to get the birds used to their room so they can be let out of their cages.  Trevor prefers to fly around and create general chaos so he can’t be out unsupervised.


2 Responses to “New House”

  1. Shannon says:

    this is really a darling house. I’d say it was pretty perfect. Love the flock and how great they get ther very own room. I’ve been avidly watching Ava growing into a little character in her own right. It’s wonderful to see. Keep posting updates!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks! I think this might turn into a mommy blog for the next few years, but hopefully with cockatiel updates as well. :-)