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Monthly Archive for November, 2014


Ava has been doing a lot of new things lately.  She’s making leaps in her cognitive abilities and motor skills.  For example, Ava has become very attached to this glowworm.  She’s a little teary in the picture because she cries if you don’t immediately go to her after her nap. When Ava is being fed […]

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Ava Notices Teddy Roosevelt

I’ve always hoped that Ava and Teddy Roosevelt would become friends.  I grew up with birds, and while they helped me develop an understanding that animals should be treated kindly, I think dogs are better for this purpose because kids can interact with them at an earlier age.  Birds are very fragile and I wouldn’t […]

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Ava Is Six Months Old

Can you believe that Ava is already six months old?  It both feels like she was just born and that she’s always been with us.  I liked the headers that I used last month, so I’ll continue with that format.   Independence/Motor Skills Ava can sit unassisted.  She’s completely slumped over, but it’s a huge […]

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Picture for a Canvas

Help me out!  I want to get a canvas print of Ava’s current state for hanging on my wall at work.  Currently, I have a collage of pictures from a few days after she was born and it looks nothing like Ava anymore.   I have a general idea of what I want the picture […]

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Me, Me, Me

You know what’s fun?  Looking at my Fitbit profile to see how much less I weigh now than I did a year ago.  You can see how spaced out the measurements get as my weight approached that peak.  I was very unhappy about the weight gain to say the least.  But you can also see […]

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Ava has figured out how to get her foot in her mouth.  She sucks on her big toe like it’s a nipple.  Sadly no milk has come out yet, but she’s still trying.

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