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Ava Is Six Months Old

Can you believe that Ava is already six months old?  It both feels like she was just born and that she’s always been with us.  I liked the headers that I used last month, so I’ll continue with that format.


Independence/Motor Skills

  • Ava can sit unassisted.  She’s completely slumped over, but it’s a huge leap from having to be held while sitting.


  • She can also use both hands to play with toys.
  • Ava’s grip is amazing.  She’s really good at yanking on hair.  She loves to pull Jon closer to her in the morning by grabbing his beard.  I have to remember to keep my hair pulled back or else she’ll try to pull it out.
  • If Teddy is nearby, Ava will reach for him.  Sometimes he licks her hand in response.
  • Ava developed a strong preference for different toys this month.  For a few days, she only wanted her octopus, I think because it felt good to chew on the cloth tentacles.  During the weekend she only wanted her firefly.



  • Ava’s legs are getting stronger.  I expect that in the next couple months she’ll be able to stand with assistance.

Foods and Liquids

  • This month we added bananas, peanut butter, sweet potatoes, hummus, and teething biscuits to Ava’s diet.  Sweet potatoes were a huge hit.  Hummus was the only failure and I think it’s because I added too much garlic.  I also discovered that a baby can have horrible breath if she eats garlic.
  • Lately Ava’s intake of food has decreased.  I would be more concerned, but at her six-month checkup she was 17 pounds 13 ounces, which is 86% for weight.  The first time they measured her length, they said it was 26 inches, which is 65%.  I figured the measurement must be wrong because it would mean she only grew o.75 inches in two months.  They remeasured her and she was 26.5 inches.  Since she’s getting enough food to grow, I won’t try to force her to eat more.




  • Ava wakes up a minimum of three times during the night.  Her basic routine is to start sleeping by 8 pm, then she wakes up at 12 am, 2 am, and 4:30 am.  I usually bring her back in the bed after that.  She roots around to nurse a few times until 8 am, but it doesn’t really qualify as waking up.  She will frequently also wake up around 9:30 pm and 3:30 am.
  • I need to get tougher about letting her cry it out so I can eliminate that 2 am feeding.  I’m trying to stay strong, but for a few days I was so tired I didn’t wake up enough to know that I was supposed to let her cry it out until she’d been nursing for 10 minutes.  Her vaccinations also caused her sleeping schedule to break down.  In addition, I have to check on her each time she cries because she’s often gotten her feet or arms wedged in the slats of the crib.  The other morning she was on her stomach with both legs stuck in the slats of the crib.



  • The pipes on this girl!  There were several days where she was yelling to test her voice.  I called Ava my little banshee.
  • Along with sleep training, Ava has learned to scream like a victim in a horror movie.  Last week she was awake when she should be sleeping and I wouldn’t let her nurse to sleep.  To show her disapproval, she screamed and screamed.  And then two minutes later she feel asleep.  Screaming is exhausting!


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