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I’ve always hoped that Ava and Teddy Roosevelt would become friends.  I grew up with birds, and while they helped me develop an understanding that animals should be treated kindly, I think dogs are better for this purpose because kids can interact with them at an earlier age.  Birds are very fragile and I wouldn’t let Ava play with the cockatiels unsupervised until she’s at least six.


She’s wearing a Boston Terrier onsie in the picture below.  It’s hard to make out because the onsie is so huge.  Ava is almost fitting 6-12 month onsies from the Gap perfectly, so I’m buying her clothing for one year olds these days.



I think they’re finally developing a relationship.  Not only does Ava recognize Teddy, she reaches out to grab him.  Teddy is a great help when I’m cooking because Ava will stare at him in the kitchen while I cook instead of crying for me to hold her.



When I feed Ava in the high chair, Teddy is always skulking about, hoping that she’ll drop some food.  I think he needs to wait a few more months for when she actively throws the food off her plate.  But in the meantime, Teddy provides a nice distraction.  I haven’t been able to get a good picture of the two of them looking at each other because they’re both too aware of the camera.


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