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When Ava was five months old, I was thinking that all my pictures of her toothless gums were going to be the last pictures.  Unfortunately, tooth watch 2014 is going to progress into tooth watch 2015.  She’s still toothless.

Ava says: “Put a bird on it!”



Independence/Motor Skills

  • As you can see in the picture above, Ava is getting much better at sitting up straight.  When you put her against the couch, she can stay leaning against it.  Last month she would slide sideways.
  • She can also stand for a few seconds while leaning on an object.
  • Ava is really good at rolling and she started scooting.  She officially crawled this month, although she will only do it for a few seconds.  Then she gets annoyed, rolls over, and scoots because it’s more effective.



Foods and Liquids

  • I’ll give anything to Ava it’s pureed enough.  At church she went crazy for tzitziki sauce.  At a friend’s house she tried some spicy lentils.  Last night she enjoyed our ginger, carrot, parsnip soup, although she didn’t like the rice added to the soup.  The texture was too much for her.  She also enjoyed scrambled eggs with enchilada sauce.  A yogurt lemon topping for our salmon was also popular.  For purees, I tried carrots and fava beans, which were a little dry but work fine with yogurt.  Avocado, peas, and spinach are good together.  Blueberries added to yogurt are a hit, but it makes the biggest mess.  Next I’m going to try some recipes from this blog, including a kale, strawberry, and yogurt smoothie.
  • Ava can pick up teething biscuits and eat them.  She doesn’t use a pincer grip yet, but I’m sure that will soon come.  Then I can be trendy and practice baby led weaning!
  • Since Ava is getting better at grabbing things with her hands, I bought her a sippy cup (surprise, it’s made by OXO).  I added diluted apple juice to it, which she loved.  But Ava doesn’t know how to suck the liquid from the cup, so she got really mad that she couldn’t drink from the cup because she knew it contained delicious apple juice.
  • Ava is back to eating large amounts of food and liquids.  She must be eating a greater percentage of solids because her diapers are starting to smell intense.



  • I haven’t reinstituted the cry it out method for the same reasons as last month.  Also, Ava has had some teething issues and her first cold, and I wasn’t going to make her cry when she felt so poorly.
  • But she’s great at going to bed sleepy but awake.  At first I was worried when I put her in her crib awake, but 95% of the time she goes to bed without a sound.  The other 5% she might make a short objection, but I haven’t had to go in and comfort her a single time.  Nap time, however, is another situation.  Ava seems to be giving up on her third nap so I’ve let her cry for 10 or 15 minutes before to see if she would fall asleep.  Her nanny tells me that for the other naps, V. has left Ava in her crib playing with toys and after a few minutes Ava decided to take her nap.
  • Last night Ava woke up at 11 pm and 4:00 am, which would have been amazing except my body forced me awake at 2 am with the need to pee.  I felt so betrayed.


  • Ava has learned to make consonant sounds!  She says “ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba” and sometimes she adds d’s into the mix.
  • I answer with “ma-ma-ma-ma-ma” but it’s not catching on yet.

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