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Daddy’s Girl

Jon is Ava’s favorite person in the world.  She gets so excited when he walks into a room.  If I’m holding her when Jon comes into view, she’ll start wildly kicking.



Ava loves to play rough.  She loves being lifted into the air and dropped onto the bed.  If you punch her in the stomach she kicks back.  She will stick her fingers in our mouths because she wants us to bite them.

Yeah, I like to stick my fingers in daddy’s mouth.  What of it?


Ava recognizes Jon as the one who will play rough with her and me as the one to snuggle with.  Case in point: in the morning Ava wakes up between me and Jon and turns herself to the side so I can hug her and she can kick Jon.

I can’t play the way that Ava prefers because I’m a wimp.  I think it’s genetic and Ava inherited this toughness from Jon.  If you throw Ava into the air, she grins like this:


These action shots are hard to get in focus, but you can tell how much she enjoys swinging.



Sometimes we go to the park and I swing with Ava strapped to me in a Baby Bjorn.  She laughs and laughs.  She’s fearless.

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