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Happy Thanksgiving

Hello!  How was your Thanksgiving?  Since Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks, I’d like to give thanks to Ava.  She gives me such joy.


On Thanksgiving we went to a friend’s house who hosted a massive Thanksgiving for a group of people.  There were so many wonderful friends there, including one who hadn’t met Ava yet.  I was so happy they met each other.


The invitation for Thanksgiving came after I had already made reservations for food to make a Thanksgiving at home.  As a result, we ate a separate Thanksgiving feast at home the day after Thanksgiving.  Since we don’t eat meat, I made lightly-seared tuna.  It was Thanksgiving tuna because the garnish on top of the tuna included cranberries.  We also had oysters.  I’m also thankful for having a kitchen large enough that I can use my sushi plates.



Jon and I worked the day after Thanksgiving, but we went to the movie theater in the middle of the day.  I saw a movie with no interruptions for the first time since Ava was born.  It was fantastic!  The movie is Birdman and it has very little to do with birds.


Ava is working on her rolling and scooting.  She has been mimicking the movement of the army crawl.  It’s hard to predict how long these developmental stages will take, but I think she might start crawling in the next month.  Ava isn’t the biggest fan of having weight on her feet, though, so it might be longer before she can stand assisted.



Ava has had several false starts with her teeth.  Did you know that baby teeth can move up and then recede?  I’m hoping they’re finally coming through.  Although teething causes her pain, I look forward to giving her a greater variety of food.



Ava is still obsessed with Teddy Roosevelt.  This weekend Ava laughed and laughed while interacting with Teddy.  She would reach for him and every time she was able to touch his face she would laugh.  I supervised the game because Ava has a very strong grip and she could hurt Teddy.  She also gummed on his back, leaving a hilarious wet spot in his fur.  You can see in the picture that he’s wise to the fact that Ava should be treated with some caution.  When we played the game he walked over to us and after some grabbing he would walk away until I called him back.  I’m sure he’ll enjoy the game a lot more once she starts giving him food.


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