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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!  Jon and I picked out an outfit for Ava for Christmas.  She wasn’t too happy to wear it for long, though.  This was the happiest image that I got.


My father, step-mother, and aunt came for the holiday so Ava probably felt like a movie star in front of the paparazzi.  There were clicks and flashes everywhere.  As a result, most of the images look like this.



I also got this image of a bear on her butt.  Bare butt, geddit?!


I switched her to a much more comfortable outfit for opening presents.  Ava enjoyed helping Jon with opening the presents.  She moistened the box for Jon.



Jon and Ava judged their presents.



Just kidding!  All the presents were a hit.  I think Ava most enjoyed a piano that Jon bought her.  Second best was a book from her great-grandmother.  Ava was able to play the piano while taking a selfie at the same time.  She’s so talented!





Ava also liked a baby doll that Jon bought her, although hilariously, she kept stealing the baby doll’s pacifier and sucking on it.  Ava doesn’t even use a pacifier.



Lastly, I was pretty happy with Christmas dinner.  I made salmon with rosemary and garlic, and roasted Brussels sprouts.  The sweet potatoes and corn pudding are from Trader Joe’s because I was trying to keep the preparation time to about 1.5 hours.  Another meal that was a big hit was lentils with goat cheese.


Ava was going through a needy phase where she wanted to be near me the whole time.  She even had a name for me: Ah-ghee.  Jon would take her so I could cook and after a few minutes Ava would say “Ah-ghee” and fuss until she saw me again.  I think all the activity was unsettling because her naps and sleep were terrible.  She was so sad the first day because she was incredibly tired.  After trying for hours, she only napped after I drove her in the car.  Fortunately, by the last day she settled back into a schedule.



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