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Merry Christmas II

The new house is a lot smaller than the old one so we didn’t put up a big tree this year.  Instead I picked up a lighted tree from Restoration Hardware.  Before adding the ornaments, I put Ava’s toys on the tree.  What do you think?



I am ridiculously sentimental when it comes to Christmas trees.  I love picking up ornaments each year and reminiscing about them each year.  My aunt gives us wonderful ornaments and I really cherish them.  She gave us an ornament with Jon and my wedding anniversary on it, a tiny blue jay, a snowman with my name, and countless others.  This year she gave us a baby’s first Christmas ornament.



I bought an ornament for Ava as well.



Jon also decorated the outside of the house.  In addition to the usual lights, put in two flamingos.


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