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New House II

The house is coming along.  I haven’t finished organizing the kitchen, but it’s good enough to be photographed.  Here’s the view of the large cabinets and the sink.  There’s a lot more space in this house and I’ve been able to bring out some of my old plates.  I love it.  I can arrange sushi on sushi plates, I have plates that can be microwaved.  Don’t the birds look great above the window?



I love having a pot rack.  It’s so much easier to grab pots from overhead than rifle around in the cabinets.  I’m also pleased with the cute spice rack above the microwave.  They recently opened a Container Store in Draper, and we bought a bunch of organizational things including the spice rack.





I think OXO should start sponsoring me because in addition to buying and telling you about a bucket bib, and four dozen containers for baby food, I’m going to rave about their drawer organizers.  I bought two of them for two different sized drawers.  They slide out to fit different widths and the dividers can be moved around.  Here’s the wide drawer.



Before I organized the drawer, the second drawer was so filled with battery packages that I couldn’t even close it.  Now look!



Jon bought a rug for the living room that looks amazing with the multicolor theme.  It matches the front door and placemats perfectly.  (Without the rug.)


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