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Sleep to Dream

Ava’s bedtime routine is getting better. I start her routine at 7:30 with changing her diaper, changing Ava into her pajamas, filling up her humidifier, and making Ava a bottle. I give her the bottle and put her in the crib. If Ava falls asleep while eating, no problem. If she’s still awake, I kiss her cheek and put her in the crib, saying: “Night, night, Ava.” About 90% of the time, Ava will fall asleep without complaint. The other 10% includes a few minutes of complaints or a very occasionally inconsolable baby.


Ava is getting better about waking at 11 pm and 4 am and skipping the 2 am wakeup. I haven’t nursed her at 2am for several weeks. She gets plenty of food at 7:30 and 11, so she really doesn’t need to eat at 2 am.  I still take her into the bed after 4 am.  Lately I will finish nursing Ava and she turns on her side and burrows into my body before she falls asleep.  It’s incredibly satisfying to feel her move to get closer to me.


Last night Ava was up from 3:40 am to 5:30 am.  She had a fever and she just didn’t want to go back to sleep.  We tried everything: nursing, bottle, rocking, the glow worm, and nothing worked!  I still don’t know why she had the fever.  She always seems like she might be teething, but maybe she was sick?  I really hope it was an anomaly.


One funny thing about the hours when Ava sleeps in the bed is that Ava is good at nursing while I’m sleeping.  This has caused me to have weird dreams.  Once I had a dream that I bought Gordon Ramsay’s cookbook and when I walked up to him to ask him to autograph it, he started groping me.  I barely know who Gordon Ramsay is, but apparently my subconscious thinks he might be lecherous.  More often, I will dream that I am having trouble with my bra or I am nursing someone.

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