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Monthly Archive for January, 2015

Organizing My Life

Before Ava was born, I thought I would have plenty of time for a baby. I always managed to squeeze in a little more time for an emergency work project, so why not put a baby into the mix? HAHAHAHA! It turns out that babies are very time consuming. I know, right? Multitasking and Organization […]

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Nom, nom, nom.  This is such a good cookie.   Oh hey, what’s that in the background? Keep away from my cookie!

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Ava is a World Traveller

Ava went to Chicago last week!  The flight was great.  Ava did a fantastic job of drinking from bottles during takeoff and landing so the air pressure change didn’t bother her too much.  The flight to Chicago started at 6:50 p.m.  Ava slept for an hour and then she was awake, but calm.  She had […]

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Ava Is Eight Months Old

  Ava is about to go off to college!  Who is this grownup girl? Give me your camera. Independence/Motor Skills Ava is so squirmy lately.  I’m having trouble changing her diapers because she twists onto her stomach, lifts her legs, or tries to take her diaper off. This month Ava started lifting up her legs […]

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Ava Grows up

My baby has a tooth coming through!  I could feel the nub last Saturday and I can see an outline of the tooth today.  This may be one of the last pictures of her toothless gummy smile.   She’s changing so quickly.  Ava can sit up on her own and she’s been playing by herself. […]

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