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Ava’s Attachment

I don’t want to jinx it, but Ava seems to be better!  I enjoy checking my Fitbit sleep profile to confirm my suspicions.  Look how great she did two nights ago (last night was about the same) and how awful she did on Saturday:


Ava has reached the attachment stage where she wants me to be with her all the time.  If someone else takes her, she’s usually fine unless she sees me.  If she sees me I have to go to her and give her kisses.  Yesterday morning I forgot something at home so I tried to run in for a second and Ava started crying because I didn’t go to her first.  I ran to her and kissed her while her nanny was holding her and she grabbed at my arms and hair, trying to climb into my arms.

I understand her perspective.  She got so excited that I came back for her and when I didn’t go to her, she felt ignored.  About a week ago I made the same mistake and Ava cried while she said “mommy.”  It completely broke my heart.  She hasn’t said mommy since.


Ava has learned how to wave when people come and go.  If she’s really excited she’ll wave and kick.  She’s such a happy baby when she’s not teething.


Ava’s motor development is great.  She’s not crawling but she does a lot of twisting, twirling, and scooting.  She can walk her legs up with her butt in the air, almost in a downward dog pose.  She’s been trying to wedge herself underneath the couch.

Ava can also play games.  She will sit on the mat and if you roll a ball to her, she’ll roll it back.  I’ve been having so much fun with her.


At night Ava sleeps in the bed between us with one hand on each of us to prevent us from leaving the bed.  She booby traps us!

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