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Monthly Archive for April, 2015

Ava Loves Nature

When Ava was a few months old, she always wanted to be outside.  She wanted me to take her from thing to thing to thing.  Now that she’s older she still loves nature, but she wants to touch nature.  During our nightly walks she gets mad unless you stop occasionally to let her scratch at […]

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Time to Babyproof

Ava has been crawling faster and faster.  She loves getting into things.  And she’s quite proud of her abilities.  I sent the picture below to my husband with a note that we miiight need more baby-proofing latches.   She’s no longer concerned about me leaving the room because she’s too busy trying to figure out […]

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Should We Give Ava a Sibling?

Before we get started, I’m not pregnant, this is all introspection.   Before having Ava, I had this burning desire to have a baby.  I wanted to add to our family by creating something new.  I was also under the influence of hormones and I wanted to hold a tiny mewling baby.  Once Ava was […]

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Ava Is 11 Months Old

How did Ava become so old?  My neighbor had a baby a few weeks ago and it’s amazing to think that Ava used to be one of those tiny snorfling babies. I love, love, love this stage right now where she’s becoming more dexterous and is starting to understand words. Ava’s monkey face   Independence/Motor […]

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Ava Likes Yoga

After almost two weeks of being sick, Ava is finally better.  This was Ava’s second illness in the past month, and it completely ruined her sleep.  I would start to put her down for bed at 8:00, it would take until nearly nine for her to finally fall asleep, and then she would wake up […]

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