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Ava Likes Yoga

After almost two weeks of being sick, Ava is finally better.  This was Ava’s second illness in the past month, and it completely ruined her sleep.  I would start to put her down for bed at 8:00, it would take until nearly nine for her to finally fall asleep, and then she would wake up every 20-40 minutes and require all this time to fall back asleep until I brought her back into the bed.  I’ve started the cry it out method again, just to get her back to a reasonable schedule like allowing me to put her down for bed quickly, and not going back in until 10:30.  Is that really so unreasonable?



Ava has progressed from crawling to practicing her downward dogs.




I’m guessing she’ll be walking within the next month, but parents tell me that there’s no predicting from one step to the other.  Ava also crawls all around the house and gets into everything.  We’re quickly installing various baby protective measures.




Ava continues to adore Teddy Roosevelt.  He’s such a great dog for a baby.  Even when Ava is too rough with him before we stop her, Teddy doesn’t even whimper.  I think he likes her too.



Ava especially loves when Teddy plays ball with Jon.  She laughs hysterically when Jon kicks or throws the ball and Teddy chases after it.


 It’s hard to believe Ava is almost a year old.  I think time goes even faster when you’re sleep deprived, but maybe time goes by quickly when you look forward to getting up every day.


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