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Ava Loves Nature

When Ava was a few months old, she always wanted to be outside.  She wanted me to take her from thing to thing to thing.  Now that she’s older she still loves nature, but she wants to touch nature.  During our nightly walks she gets mad unless you stop occasionally to let her scratch at bark, pull at leaves, or run her fingers over thick bushes.


A few months ago you couldn’t put her in the grass because she would tear it up and try to eat it.  Now she just tears it up.  We had a great time hanging out with Teddy this weekend.  Teddy’s favorite thing is to sit in the sun and crunch one of the beans that Ava is holding.  When Ava had one, Teddy grabbed it from her.  Fortunatley she was just confused and not upset.  She would crawl to him and take it back.  They went back and forth for several minutes.  You can tell that Teddy is happy in this picture because he’s making his googly eyes.



Teddy is going to be so happy when Ava is able to play fetch with him.  In the meantime, Ava has an excellent face for kisses.


Ava has been making fantastic strides in her motor and language skills and I want to remember these great stories:

  • Jon taught Ava to yell while he puts his hand rapidly on and off her mouth to make a sound effect – I think we used to call it an Indian noise back when you said Indian instead of Native American.  She can make the same noise using her own hand, although she can’t move it over her mouth as fast.  The funny thing is, she now does this when she’s mad.  So when you change her diaper she will start making the noise.  She even did it in the middle of the night when I wasn’t producing enough milk to satisfy her hunger.
  • Ava was eating at her high chair when a neighborhood cat peered into our house from the screen door.  I said, “Hi Milo.”  And Ava, who has heard me use Milo’s name no more than 10 times, cried to be let out of her highchair while she distinctly said “Milo.”  Genius!
  • Ava is saying “mum-mum-mum-mum…” but there’s a chance she’s merely expressing her desire for Baby Mum-Mums.
  • About a month or two ago, Jon’s mom taught Ava to clap when you cheered.  Now, if you say “yay!” or “good job” around Ava, she will start clapping.
  • Ava loves being read to.  More recently, she’s gotten frustrated because she wants to read the books herself.  Last night she spent 45 minutes trying to turn the pages.  She got so mad she cried, which is not good but I really admire her tenacity.


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  1. Tiffany says:

    Such a cute photo of Ava in the grass! Glad she and Teddy are good buddies.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks! They’re so cute together.

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