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Time to Babyproof

Ava has been crawling faster and faster.  She loves getting into things.  And she’s quite proud of her abilities.  I sent the picture below to my husband with a note that we miiight need more baby-proofing latches.



She’s no longer concerned about me leaving the room because she’s too busy trying to figure out how to get into things.  Just this morning I thought of the adage about how you should worry if things are really quiet and there she was in the bathroom trying to tip over the trash can.


She gets really goofy in the morning messing around in  her crib.  I think she’s really close to pulling herself up to standing on her own.  Ava laughs at herself the whole time she tries to pull herself up.  Look at my skinny baby!



She’s willing to stay standing if properly motivated.


I expect it’s still going to be awhile before she’s walking, though.  Ava hasn’t been doing her yoga poses as much lately, maybe because she can crawl everywhere so quickly.  Instead she prefers to stay in the Tebow position you see in the crib picture.

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