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Monthly Archive for June, 2015


Ava has been really happy lately.  I’ve had Friends on in the background lately and when the theme song comes on Ava starts dancing.  You can see almost all of her eight teeth.  She’s trying to cut yet another one, which is unfortunate because she only needs eight.  She also laughs hysterically when you run […]

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Coming out of The Fog

I was looking at my Twitter feed the other day and I realized that I’m slowly reclaiming life apart from a baby again.  Ava is everything to me, but in general people are pretty boring if they only have one topic they can discuss.  I’m back!  I’m reading tech blogs again, I pick up my […]

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We Keep Ava Active

Ava goes everywhere, she does everything!  We’ve taken her to Red Butte Garden.  She had a great time.  She wanted to pull and eat all the flowers so we spent most of our time in an edible garden and in an ornamental grass section. Jon got an attachment for his bike, and he can bike […]

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Ava Is 13 Months Old

I’m not sure how long I’ll keep doing these, but I think I’ll enjoy going back and reading about Ava’s milestones.  This may be especially informative if we have a second baby.   Independence/Motor Skills Ava is into everything!  She can pull herself up on nearly any surface.  She is very interested in whatever you’re […]

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Jon has been out of town this week so I’ve taking care of Ava all week.  Single parents have it rough!  I went into the bathroom for a few minutes and when I came out Ava was gone.  Then I heard banging on the second floor.  She can crawl up a full flight of stairs! […]

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