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Ava has been really happy lately.  I’ve had Friends on in the background lately and when the theme song comes on Ava starts dancing.  You can see almost all of her eight teeth.  She’s trying to cut yet another one, which is unfortunate because she only needs eight.  She also laughs hysterically when you run the food processor.



Ava continues to get into everything.  I have to close the bathroom door or there will be toilet paper everywhere.  I can’t leave anything on the bench or she’ll tear it apart.




It’s much easier for Ava to pull herself up to standing.  She can stand with just one hand on something to stabilize herself.  She’s doing a lot more shuffling while holding an edge.  Little by little, she gets closer to walking.


For months Ava wanted to read books by herself.  But this week she actually picked out a book from a stack, brought it to me, let me put her on my lap, and sat as I read it to her.  It was awesome!


Ava will stroke my hand, especially at night while she’s drinking her bottle.  I love thinking about moments like that, especially during the day when Ava is too busy for cuddles.

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