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Ava Is 13 Months Old

I’m not sure how long I’ll keep doing these, but I think I’ll enjoy going back and reading about Ava’s milestones.  This may be especially informative if we have a second baby.



Independence/Motor Skills

  • Ava is into everything!  She can pull herself up on nearly any surface.  She is very interested in whatever you’re using, especially if it’s a phone.  She’s taken an interest in trying to pull out plugs so she can touch the metal prong.
  • Ava almost gave me a heart attack when she climbed a full flight of stairs without me knowing.
  • I expect Ava to walk any day now.  She’s started to let go of me while standing so she can wobble for a second before falling down.
  • Ava hates it when I change her diaper.  She’s perfectly happy laying down for diaper changes for her nanny, but for me I have to do it while she’s standing up.  It’s very hard when she has stomach troubles and I have to do diaper changes every few hours.
  • There has been some backsliding in terms of Ava’s independence.  She is often happy to play independently if I’m in the same room, but if I change rooms she’ll cry while crawling after me.  She has great hearing and can detect when you’ve opened the back door; it makes her crazy.
  • I used to do a lot of reading to Ava, but lately she’s preferred to read to herself.  It’s not consistent, though, because tonight she wanted me to read to her for 20 minutes.  That hasn’t happened in months!



Foods and Liquids

  • I found a food that Ava dislikes!  Raspberries are not her thing.  She also isn’t thrilled with the peanut butter crackers that I bought her last week.
  • She’s eating more food every day.  I can always give Ava at least a portion of our dinner.  I usually have at least one thing I can give her to feed herself and then I can feed her other things.  For example, tonight I gave her peaches and garlic bread to feed herself.  Then I fed her spaghetti from my fork.



  • I just weaned Ava last week so it’s early, but her sleep has been for longer periods of time.
  • The problem now is that Ava doesn’t enjoy sleeping in our bed anymore but she still wants to be near us.  She keeps waking up whimpering and tries to adjust herself until she winds up horizontal, slapping one of us and kicking the other.  So I had to transfer Ava back to the crib, but then she only slept for two hours before I had to get her again and complete the whole painful process again.
  • We moved her crib into our bedroom last night based on the theory that she might be more willing to sleep in her crib if it was touching our bed.  However, she was so cold last night that I let her warm up in our bed after her 2 am wakeup and I fell asleep before I could transfer her back to the crib.  Hopefully tonight will go better.


Language Skills

  • Ava is experimenting with new words.  Her pronunciation isn’t perfect so I’m not always sure if she said what I thought she did, but I think she called a yellow car “yellow,” she said “woof” at a picture of a dog, and she consistently says “bird” while pointing at a bird flying away.
  • Ava frequently chatters, especially when we take walks at night.  I think she’s going to be one of those non-stop talkers and I can’t wait to know what she’s thinking.

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