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Coming out of The Fog

I was looking at my Twitter feed the other day and I realized that I’m slowly reclaiming life apart from a baby again.  Ava is everything to me, but in general people are pretty boring if they only have one topic they can discuss.  I’m back!  I’m reading tech blogs again, I pick up my cross-stitch at night, I’m thinking about new cooking projects, I’m gardening.  I’m so happy!


I went to California for two days last week to meet the people from my new job and to attend an IP conference.  I thought Ava would be very needy once I came back, but she actually seems less needy.


At this new house the yard isn’t as big as our previous house’s, but the space is used better.  There are three huge raised beds at the back and space all along the right side of the yard.


Our garden is huge and there are sprinklers installed in the garden beds, which keeps the soil moist.  Our kale is unhinged.  You can see it in the middle back bed.  I’ve already harvested it five times because there’s a cayenne pepper in the middle that is getting eclipsed by the kale and it’s still going strong.  We’re on a barter system with the neighbors so we exchanged kale for a baby/dog bike trailer.



We planted probably 20 different pepper plants.  Tonight I made fish tacos with the first pepper to be harvested: a purple jalapeño.  The jalapeño was delicious but very mild.  I was cautious because usually jalapeños from the garden are much spicier than grocery store jalapeños.



The fish tacos also had radishes from our CSA share.  We’re getting 1.5 shares so we’re swimming in vegetables.  We’re eating salads for lunch and dinner every day.


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