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Monthly Archive for July, 2015

Mount Olivet Cemetery

We took Ava to the cemetery to look at the deer.  Our timing was great because they had two fawns.   Ava liked the deer, but she was a lot more interested in trying to get underneath the cement in these long cement tubes that are used to divert snow runoff from the mountains.  She […]

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Busy Weekend

This girl never stops going.  Today we  went to the Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum for 2.5 hours.  Ava had so much fun.  They have a lot of play stations that teach difference concepts.  She really enjoyed these interlocking pieces that you could make spin, two different magnet stations, and the long hallways that she could […]

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Ava Is 14 Months Old

When we take Ava to the park, I like to find babies of similar age to see how similar they are to Ava.  Ava tends to tower over them.  She’s bigger than a lot of the two-year olds. Independence/Motor Skills Ava isn’t walking yet, but she gets closer every day.  She really prefers to be […]

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July 4th Vacation

We took a mini vacation in Heber, UT.  We stayed at a little cabin right by the river. The best part of where we stayed is that Sandhill Cranes live in the area.  A couple kept stealing bird food from a feeder in view of our cabin.  The people who filled the feeders somehow didn’t […]

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Summer in the City

Salt Lake City has been hot for the past few weeks!  The temperature has exceeded 100 degrees for several days in a row.  We have a window air conditioner unit for the bedroom but the rest of the house relies on a swamp cooler for relief.  Have you heard of this?  It’s so weird and […]

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