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Ava Is 14 Months Old

When we take Ava to the park, I like to find babies of similar age to see how similar they are to Ava.  Ava tends to tower over them.  She’s bigger than a lot of the two-year olds.

Independence/Motor Skills

  • Ava isn’t walking yet, but she gets closer every day.  She really prefers to be standing because it helps her get into things.  If she’s not aware of what’s happening, she can stand without assistance for a few seconds.  Mostly she leans on things.
  • I keep thinking this will be the month she’ll start to walk, but I especially think so this month.  Her downward dog is a little different now because she likes to rest her head on the floor and stare at you while she’s upside down.


  • Ava has been kissing people and human-like animals in books for awhile (including monsters in a Star Trek Book of Opposites), but now she’s also kissing animals in the books.  She particularly likes to kiss sea lions.
  • In her continual desire for greater independence, Ava now requires a spoon or fork at every meal so that she can eat the food on her tray.  I came downstairs the other day and her nanny had her dressed only in a diaper because she was making such a huge message with pasta and red sauce.  She was incredibly happy to be given full control over her food.  I let her have the independence, but I prefer to keep her clothed.


  • Last week Ava got a new nanny.  The old one had trouble getting here on time and I couldn’t make early-morning meetings because I never knew whether the nanny was going to flake out on us.  I have a lot of clients on the east coast and the juggling of phone calls and the baby was a constant source of stress.  Fortunately the new nanny is fantastic about getting her on time and I think she’s an even better fit for Ava.  I was worried Ava would be sad about the change, but she’s been much happier this week.  I think the new nanny gives her more attention and is better about understanding her needs.

Foods and Liquids

  • I feed Ava whatever we’re eating for dinner plus a few extra things I know she’ll eat like cheese or goldfish crackers.
  • The other day I had groceries on the floor.  As I was putting stuff away I realized that Ava had reached into the bag and pulled out a nectarine.  She ate half of that nectarine!  Those front teeth are really working for her.



  • Weaning Ava helped a little bit in that she’s not using me as a pacifier all night, but she still sleeps.  She likes to sleep perpendicular to us with her head on one person and her feet on the other.  Lately she’s been waking up in the middle of the night, possibly because of tooth pain, and it’s been a struggle to get her to fall back asleep.


Language Skills

  • Ava is starting to make connections between words.  I’ve been making animal noises for animals in her picture books.  If you ask her what a snake says, she’ll say “Sssss.”  The other day she was looking at Teddy and she said: “Teddy…dog…woof, woof.”  The girl is a genius!

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