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Busy Weekend

This girl never stops going.  Today we  went to the Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum for 2.5 hours.  Ava had so much fun.  They have a lot of play stations that teach difference concepts.  She really enjoyed these interlocking pieces that you could make spin, two different magnet stations, and the long hallways that she could crawl along while yelling.  It’s always nice to go somewhere and not have you worry about your baby disturbing people.


Jon and I were exhausted after the trip but Ava went home and had a wrestling session with us.  She pulls herself to standing while we’re laying down and jumps on us.  I don’t know how she does it.


Ava also has quiet times where she doesn’t want to be disturbed.  Around 9:30 every morning she wants to read her books and she doesn’t want you to bother her.  I’m starting to get “the look” when I take pictures during that time so I need to stop bothering her.




It’s not all serious, though.  Sometimes she enjoys being disturbed.


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