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Summer in the City

Salt Lake City has been hot for the past few weeks!  The temperature has exceeded 100 degrees for several days in a row.  We have a window air conditioner unit for the bedroom but the rest of the house relies on a swamp cooler for relief.  Have you heard of this?  It’s so weird and it only works in a dry state like Utah.  The swamp cooler cools the house by pushing out moist air.  If this was New England, the humidity might kill you.

Do you know what’s great when it’s hot?  Pool time!


Ava has been so hot that she hasn’t wanted to be in the Baby Bjorn or the stroller at night.  Instead she gets pool time and she loves it.  She’s so freaking tough because she loves being in the pool with a sprinkler jetting ice cold water onto her back.  Also, she’s not really a baby anymore.  Who is this tall girl?


One advantage of the heat is that it’s making the garden explode.  We have six tomato plants and some of them are taller than us.  We’re going to be swimming in tomatoes in a month.


I’ve harvested the kale five times and you’d never know it, I’ve used one zucchini for muffins, two zucchini for a pasta dish, a jalapeño for fish tacos, and a hot wax pepper for pizza.  The hot wax pepper was awesome but tiny so it only covered half the pizza.  There are three banana peppers growing right now!  I always make a pizza on Sunday and it’s going to be amazing this week.




By the way, the oranges are an attempt to keep our neighbors’ cats out of our garden beds. It seems to work well as long as they’re relatively fresh.

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