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Ava is making great progress in the steps towards walking.  She’s getting better at using her walker.  She can change its direction now.  She will take a few steps while holding only one hand.  Lastly, she can go from sitting to standing, back to sitting again without any assistance.



For Jon’s birthday last week, he wanted to celebrate by having dinner at Ikea.  That worked for me since it meant I didn’t have to cook on a Saturday night.  And it was great for Ava because we bought her toys!  She’s very mechanically inclined so we bought her a set of tools.  It’s such a cool set because it teaches you how to use a hammer, a screwdriver, and a wrench.  Like all things, she studies the tools very carefully.



Ava is also very focused on noises that animals make.  She’s back to knowing that a snake goes “sss.”  Her nanny said that she picked up a cow the other day and mooed.  And she always makes her dinosaur growl.



I’ve been entertaining myself with Ava’s toys.   I like to pit the farm animals against the dinosaur.  The birds always lose.


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