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Ava’s personality is really developing.  She has a new obsession with shoes.  It started a few weeks ago when she insisted on wearing red velvet shoes that I had bought her for Christmas.  They barely fit, but they looked so cute!

Ava also enjoys going through her diaper bag.  She’s so nosy!



I bought Ava more shoes that fit her properly.  When she puts on these jellies, she often does a little dance.



It’s actually good timing that Ava wants to wear shoes because she also wants to walk with assistance to the park in the evenings.  We live in this fantastic neighborhood with a park a couple blocks away.  It’s really close until you help a baby walk to it.  Then it takes about 15 minutes to reach.  I’m so proud of her determination and I love the feeling of her little hands grasping mine.


Ava is obsessed with this park.  We often go there right after dinner.  About 70% of the time when we leave Ava will cry hysterically.  Now, her nanny usually takes her there during the week, so Ava’s not as deprived as she would have you believe.  The crying is more about Ava’s state, though.  Her bedtime has been somewhat fluid lately and one indicator that she’s ready for bed is that she gets irrationally upset over something.



Other aspects of Ava’s personality are that she now understands the mechanism of the light switch and she makes this cute shocked face every time you flip the light switch.  Also, she’s realized that she can get you to giver her something if she points at it and makes this little “ah-ah?” noise.  It doesn’t work for her 100% of the time, though, because tonight she requested that we pick up 20 different items in IKEA, which we did not oblige.

“Ah-ah? [Can you please bring me some metal to put in this outlet?]”


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