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Between our garden and our CSA, we have so much kale that I serve it at least once a day.  Saturday was a record because I had a kale smoothie for breakfast and a kale salad for lunch.  I think kale is a magical substance because I don’t get hungry after I eat it.  During the week I can drink a kale smoothie for lunch and I don’t get hungry until dinner.



Since this is the time of year when everyone has too much kale, I give you my five favorite recipes interspersed with pictures of Ava because I forget to take pictures of the food.

(1) Kale Feta Bread

Jon found this recipe.  It is amazing!  It’s quick, it’s delicious, and it uses a nice amount of kale.  Instead of shredding the kale by hand, I recommend using a food processor.  I tried coconut flour instead of the wheat flour (and what else are you going to use coconut flour for?), and it tasted equally good.



(2) Kale Black Bean and Burrito Bowl

Everything about this dish is amazing: the kale, the avocado salsa verde.  I’ve eaten it wrapped up in a flour tortilla or as different dishes on a plate.


(3) Kale Quinoa Salad

There are so many variations of the kale quinoa salad and they are all delicious.  This one is great because of all the vegetables.  I also like recipes with a vinaigrette mixed in.



(4) Kale Avocado Salad

This may be the first kale recipe I ever prepared.  It’s so good and easily modifiable.  You can skip the tomatoes.  I’ve never tried it with nori, but I regularly add toasted pine nuts.


(5) Kale Apple Salad

A lot of people are scared of kale so the recipes involve using lemon, like in the previous recipe, to soften the kale leaves.  This recipe is great because it embraces the bitterness.

I don’t use the pancetta in this recipe and I only use radicchio if it’s convenient.  Since both kale and radicchio are bitter, I think the radicchio is more about making a visually pleasing salad than the flavor.


2 Responses to “When Your Garden Explodes with Kale”

  1. Tiffany says:

    Ava is such a smiley, bright eyed child!!! Love those two pigtail sprouts. Your dedication to kale is admirable. One of the reasons we gave up our CSA was heaps and heaps of kale. I do not deny it’s nutritional benefits, but we found it impossible to eat it all! Kale makes a decent spinach substitute in saag panner :-).

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I never thought to try kale in saag paneer! I just love the variety we get in the CSA and it’s about to be tomato season! With all our jalapeños, it’s going to be salsa on everything!