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Monthly Archive for September, 2015

Ava Tidbits

Yet again Ava shows me that her current stage is the best stage.  Lately Ava has been pulling up her shirt and asking you to tickle her. Then she runs away from you giggling. Ava is obsessed with Teddy right now.  Poor Teddy had to go to the vet again because he was stung by bees.  All […]

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Utah State Fair

Last Sunday we went to the Utah State Fair.  We got there at 10:30 am on a Sunday, which was perfect because it wasn’t too busy.  By the time we left around 1pm there was a huge line to get in.  The fair had crafts, rides, food, and animals. They also had a surprisingly racist […]

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Ava Is 16 Months Old

Independence/Motor Skills This is the month that Ava walked.  She went from a month or two of only taking a few steps in succession to last Friday when she was walking and falling all day.  Now she walks everywhere and on everything: sand, grass, no big deal!  The biggest change is that Ava has a lot […]

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Ava is going through a huge mommy phase right now.  It’s probably because she’s teething (still).  Today is the first day I’ve been able to see some of the molar break through on the right side.  Molars are fucking brutal!  Yeah, I don’t normally swear on here, but a full month of Ava waking up […]

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