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Monthly Archive for December, 2015

Merry Christmas

Ava had the best Christmas ever!  Jon was up until 7 am assembling her kitchen.  It came with two hundred screws and bolts! I cook in the kitchen so this helps her have something to do when she wants to be near me and will prepare her for eventually being my sous chef.  Ava tried […]

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Red Jungle Fowl – Chickens

All chickens are descended from Red Jungle Fowl, but the chickens on Hawaii are supposedly a more pure version of Red Jungle Fowl.  In any case, they are magnificent: Chickens in Kauai are like pigeons on the mainland.  They’re everywhere and they’re ready to eat your food.  These guys would get into everything if you […]

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Ava and Beaches

When we were planning the trip to Hawaii, I was worried that Ava might get bored.  I had no reason to worry.  All the beaches below are on Kauai. During our first day at the beach, we started at Baby Beach.  The beach has rocks in the water that prevent the waves from getting too […]

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Rose-ringed Parakeets in Hawaii

We came back today from a week vacation on Kauai.  It was amazing!  I usually get bored by the end of a vacation but this time I was sorry to go home. I didn’t do any specific birding, but I took pictures of birds when I could.  My favorite was the Rose-ringed Parakeets. The male […]

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Ava is 19 Months Old

Independence/Motor Skills Ava loves to feel scared.  She’s been climbing on the couches and jumping on them, which means that we have to be ever vigilant to make sure she doesn’t fall off and crack her head.  We bought Ava a kid tent at IKEA that is the best $20 we’ve ever spent.  She loves […]

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Happenings II

It’s not always about Ava, right?  I have a few tidbits in my life too: Last week I went to Portland for the first time for a work thing.  I was able to get in 45 minutes at the Portland Art Museum, which is fantastic for modern and contemporary art.  We’re all going to go […]

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