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Monthly Archive for February, 2016

Ava Happenings

Ava probably says 100 words now.  I love the sentences she’s been putting together.  We have the Worf figure up around the house and yesterday Ava said “Look, there’s Worf!”  At Ava’s bedtime I picked her up and told her to say goodnight to Jon.  She said “night night dadda” while she waved.  If you ask […]

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Waimea Canyon State Park

Moving to the West Coast after growing up in New England was a culture shock.  But it was also strange because the landscape was so different.  The hills are dry and yellow and not at all like the lush green beauty of New England. Visiting the Waimea Canyon State Park in Hawaii was nice because […]

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Ava Is 21 Months Old

Independence/Motor Skills Ava is starting to have enough confidence to not need us right next to her.  For example, Ava is very obsessed with the stairs.  She wants to climb them herself.  If you start to walk up the stairs behind her she points at you and says “Out!”  Out is her new favorite word. […]

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Oh I miss sleep.  Ava has been sleeping poorly.  Last week her  preferred position was with her feet kicking my head.  This week she prefers to dig her feet into my C-section scar.  I’ll reposition her and she’ll still wiggle her way back to kicking me in the head.  Sometimes she cries when I move […]

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