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Ava Happenings

Ava probably says 100 words now.  I love the sentences she’s been putting together.  We have the Worf figure up around the house and yesterday Ava said “Look, there’s Worf!”  At Ava’s bedtime I picked her up and told her to say goodnight to Jon.  She said “night night dadda” while she waved.  If you ask her about any animal in a book she’ll point to it and sometimes say “There it is.”  Everytime something falls or Ava perceives something to be going wrong, she says “Uh oh!”  Ava requests her favorite TV show, Peppa Pig, by saying “tv” and snorting like a pig.  We went to the Utah Natural History Museum a few weeks ago and there was a gecko exhibit that Ava LOVED.  Each time she spotted a gecko in one of the exhibits, she’d say “Oh, it’s a gecko!”

Did I mention that she’s stunning?


Ava has a goofy personality.  She still loves to offer you a piece of food only to pull it away if you move towards it.  She’s still a kitty cat and meows throughout the day.  In fact, when she wakes up at night she also meows.  She’s embracing the role and has started to lick my face.


Now that it’s getting warmer outside Ava is living outdoors.  She gets grumpy when she’s inside, but when you take her outside she laughs and laughs.

Why are we inside when it’s clearly sunny out there?




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