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Moving to the West Coast after growing up in New England was a culture shock.  But it was also strange because the landscape was so different.  The hills are dry and yellow and not at all like the lush green beauty of New England.

Visiting the Waimea Canyon State Park in Hawaii was nice because it has the same kind of greenery as New England.  It’s not the same as the mountains of New Hampshire, but it’s maybe a little more breathtaking.


There are a lot of areas where you can view the canyons.


There were also several trails you could hike.  I didn’t do much hiking because I drove out too late in the afternoon and I didn’t want to get stuck hiking in the dark.  Plus I left Ava at the house with Jon and I always have that conundrum where I’m eager to have time away from her until I get away and then I can’t wait to get home.


One the way back I stopped at this amazing area that looked like giant ant hills.  I’m guessing the tunnels were formed from lava.



They were unlike anything I’ve ever seen.


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