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Ava Stories

Ava has been experimenting with getting sympathy.  She runs around like crazy, falling and banging into things.  She’ll cry and say “hurts” while showing you the body part that pains her.  You can make it better with a kiss.  But she’ll also claim that things hurt when she didn’t actually fall hard or even fall at all.  She’s developing a general whine, almost a whinny like a horse, to express her general displeasure at a situation.  Ava uses the term “hot” to refer to food that’s too warm but also food that’s too spicy, which is very smart.

“Dinosaur, rawr!”


Ava has been sleeping in her own bed for on average four hours instead of one.  We realized it’s not because she’s more interested in sleeping in her own bed.  It’s because she has been taking more and more stuffed animals to bed with her and she probably things that the stuffed animals are me when she rolls around.

These three bunnies are each very different.


It’s been getting into the 50’s and even 60’s lately.  Thank you global warming!  Winters are so hard when you have a toddler.  I’m already planning what I’m going to do with the garden.  Now that Ava is older it’s easier to work outside because I don’t have to watch her every second.  She winds up eating a little dirt, but minerals are healthy, right?

In the afternoon light comes through a window with a mosaic pattern that makes rainbows on the walls.  Ava is really into the rainbows.


It used to be that when Ava played with other babies they would play next to each other and sometimes take toys from each other.  Now Ava has a strong sense of property ownership and you cannot take things from her.  She says “Nooooo!!!!”  We went to the fancy playground two weekends (so named because they actually replace the sand in the sandbox and it doesn’t smell like cat piss the way the one down the street does) and she got into two disagreements.  For the first disagreement, a little boy wanted to keep all the toys for himself.  He hoarded four trucks and wouldn’t let Ava have a single one, which she did not like.  For the second disagreement, she didn’t want to share playing on a big toy with a little boy.  I explained to her the concept of sharing, but she wasn’t into it.  Hopefully she’ll learn and she won’t be like this one three year old we know that spits on you instead of sharing.

We went to a birthday party last weekend for a one-year old.  We stayed for 1.5 hours.  I enjoyed when Ava wanted to play with the kids around her age and younger in the play area.  But eventually she got bored and wanted to play outside with the big kids.  Unfortunately the big kids were all boys from seven and up and they were good at not running into Ava, but they were still rowdy.  It was all guns and rockets and I didn’t like the stress of chasing Ava to make sure that she didn’t get hurt.  But I count the party as a success.


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