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In Hawaii there was a little cove near the house we rented that is a known spot for seeing turtles.  The turtles were fairly shy, but there were two Black-crowned Night Herons that gave lovely displays.  Here is the adult:


The juvenile was even closer to us.  I find it interesting that the juvenile has that green band by his eyes, but the adult doesn’t.  Jon said it looks like the juvenile is part of an 80’s glam band.


To put these shots in perspective, I was using my 250 mm lens.  The juvenile was so close to us!  But he ignored us because he was looking for food.


He gave us some nice fuzzy butt shots.


It took awhile to even find the turtles because they were so camouflaged with the rocks.


There were many turtles swimming in the water that would come up for air.  It happened so quickly I couldn’t get good shots of them, despite spending about 30 minutes with my camera hovering over the water.



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