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Monthly Archive for April, 2016

Ava These Days

It’s still all about language.  Ava chatters and I can understand maybe 70% now. Here are some little snippets. Ava is very concerned about water, rain, and puddles.  She also knows that umbrellas are associated with rain.  When she sees patio umbrellas, she points at them and says rain.  She goes through all her possessives […]

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How to Make a Perfect Pie

I spent most of my life intimidated by dough.  I tried my first pie about six months ago and it came out perfect.  Then my dough started being awful.  It wouldn’t mix together to make a dough.  Instead it would crumble when I tried to form it.  If I added more water, it would get […]

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Ava is 23 Months Old

Ava is practically a two-year old!   Independence/Motor Skills Ava is very independent.  She’s been obsessed with jumping in muddy puddles.  She knows exactly where they are in the neighborhood and if they’re present, you have to force her to leave them kicking and screaming.  It used to be that we could say “bye bye […]

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Language Continues to Amaze Me

I have no experience with kids so I find the evolution of language to be interesting.  First Ava made animal noises.  Then she started saying the words of the animals.  Next she started organizing her nouns.  The other day before we went out she said “boots, jacket, hat, gloves.” Ava is finally okay with wearing […]

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