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An Artist Is Born

Ava is very artistic.  For two straight weeks, every morning she asked me to set up her paints during breakfast.  Since Jon got her an easel, she waits until after breakfast to use it outside.  She takes painting very seriously.


In the picture above, Ava is also wearing one of my shirts as a dress.  I’m bad about folding my laundry, but I’m getting better now that she keeps pilfering clothing from the laundry basket.

I discovered that finger painting is probably too advanced for a two-year old.  She loved it, but I had to take her away from the paints before the entire backyard was covered in paints.  Ava also wound up pretty messy.


Most of her artwork involves requests for someone to draw Peppa Pig.  When she branches out and asks for a cat or another animal, it’s very exciting.  On the plus side, I can draw a fantastic Peppa Pig.



2 Responses to “An Artist Is Born”

  1. One of several grandfathers says:

    When I was four or five, I had what would now be called a play date. My mom drove me to a friend’s house. They had a utility room, full of assorted stuff, so a kid could make a mess and no one cared.
    My friend’s mom had set up two big easels, with giant pads of paper, so you could paint on one, and then separate it from the pad, and paint again. She also had an apron ready for each of us. I forget if it was finger painting, or if we used paint brushes, but my primary memory was just how happy I was.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    This easel is very similar. It has a roller pin with paper on the inside so when you’re done painting, you can tear off the paper from the easel and pull down a clean sheet of paper. I also really like how the other side is a chalkboard.

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