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Ava Is 25 Months Old

No promises that I’ll keep this up for the full year, but it’s a nice way to look up Ava’s progress when I want to remember various milestones.


Independence/Motor Skills

  • Ava’s getting to be a bit too independent.  She’s becoming a runner in the grocery store.  I used to be able to shop knowing that she wouldn’t let me out of her sight, but now I often have to hold her while I shop because she’s comfortable being two aisles away from me and I am not.
  • She’s a master climber.  She got annoyed yesterday because she came across a tree without sufficient footholds.  She kept saying “Climb?  Climb?”

Foods and Liquids

Ava is a great eater.  She eats a lot more vegetables than I expect a toddler to eat.  For example, she likes mushrooms.  The only things she doesn’t like are stuff that’s too spicy and leafy greens.  Everything else she’ll at least eat a few bites of.  Her favorite thing right now is the food at this Mexican seafood restaurant we visit.  She loves the refried beans, rice, and shrimp quesadillas.  She eats more food at that restaurant that she often eats during a regular day.



Ava is going through a transition right now.  If she naps during the day, she doesn’t go down until at least 10pm, sometimes 11pm.  If she doesn’t nap, she goes down quickly and by 9pm.  But it’s a balance.  On the weekends I usually give her naps because otherwise by 4pm she’s a wreck.  Or, like today, she fell asleep on the way to the library and I returned books, found new books, and checked out those books all while she was sleeping on my shoulder.  Then we drove home and she slept for another hour.

Language Skills

  • In my last post I said Ava knew eight birds, but she knows two more!  She knows: macaw, duck, chicken, goose, peacock, flamingo, owl, crow, penguin, and turkey.
  • She knows so many random words too.  Like today she pointed in a book and correctly identified a scarecrow.
  • She understands context as well.  The other day she was going down steps.  I said “careful” and she responded “Careful steps!”
  • She also knows enough words to make her desires known, which can be helpful.  Today she said “Take Teddy for a walk,” which meant she wanted to hold his leash as we walked around the neighborhood.  It made her so happy to do that today.

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