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Ava Is 26 Months Old


Ava is a walking talking little person.  She’s a bit irrational about things, but incredibly charming.


Independence/Motor Skills

  • Ava’s independence is being tempered by her experimenting with the concept of fear.  For example, when Ava visited a new park, she wouldn’t go on the tallest slide because she was scared.
  • However, she is still fine with running away from me in the grocery store.  Ava’s latest trick is to run far enough away that I’m not visible.  Then she runs up to people and falls down.  She pretends to be hurt and asks the people for help.  Sometimes she lays it on extra thick and starts crying for mommy.  Ava thinks this is hilarious.  I’m amused by the concept, but a bit frustrated when it’s occurring to me.  The last step is that she will fall down and when she sees me, she’ll say that her butt hurts.  Then she’ll ask me to kiss it.  But the joke is on Ava because I’ll kiss any part of her.
  • I always thought Ava was in a mommy phase, but I had no idea.  Ava has now reached the pinnacle of a mommy phase.  Last weekend I had trouble making simple meals because Ava couldn’t go more than five minutes without touching me or being held.  It’s hard to chop vegetables with one hand because a toddler is in the other hand.
  • Ava is very creative with her play.  She took a pan from her toy cooking supplies and put these magnets on it that are in the shape of sticks.  Ava arranged the magnets along the edge of the pan.  She presented it to Jon as a birthday cake.
  • Ava loves to wrestle with her dad.  Her favorite activity is to do somersaults over Jon’s leg.


Foods and Liquids

Ava was eating lightly for awhile, but she’s been voraciously eating in the last few days.  Ava enjoys 1-2 eggs for breakfast and ice cream, for lunch she eats fruit and yogurt, she has a snack in the afternoon that also includes ice cream or a push pop, and a dinner that is a simplified version of ours.  Also, she drinks lots and lots of milk.


Ava’s sleep is still transitioning out of the nap.  Some weekends she doesn’t take any naps, some weekends she takes a 1.5 hour naps.  At bedtime she likes me to read books over and over again.  Sometimes I’ll read a book seven times in a night.


Language Skills

  • Ava’s up to being able to identify ten types of birds:  macaw, duck, chicken, goose, peacock, flamingo, owl, crow, penguin,  turkey, woodpecker, and seagull (okay birders, I know there’s not a bird called a seagull but I’m not going to get a two year old to identify a Glaucous Gull).  She’s close to identifying eagles and toucans, but she has a lot of false positives.
  • Ava gets very involved in television shows and she likes to narrate the shows for us.  “Oh no.  Baba Boo all gone!”
  • She’s very in touch with three emotions now: happy, sad, and scared.  If she’s scared, she wants to touch me for support and sometimes we need to stop watching a television show.  She experiments with the concept too.  She’ll tell you she’s scared and she wants to be comforted even though nothing really happened.  I think it’s important to validate her feelings so that even if she’s not actually scared, she knows that we’re there to support and comfort her.
  • Ava remembers events and will recount them for you.  One day a cat outside got mad at Ava petting her and jumped on her head.  Several hours later when Jon came home from work Ava told him all about it.
  • Ava has been categorizing things based on her family unit.  She likes to categorize any object, from beads to bears, as a daddy object, a mommy object, and a baby object.  She’s included our nanny in the categorization.  Our nanny’s name is Linda.  The other day we were playing with a three-year old and her grandmother.  Ava kept calling her grandmother Linda.  I think Ava believes all grandmothers are called Linda.

4 Responses to “Ava Is 26 Months Old”

  1. Ava is quite beautiful and obviously very intelligent. I know you have your hands full, but how are the cockatiels? How do they feel about not running the house these days? Does Ava like them, and do they like her? Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hey BP!!! How are you?!

    Ava is obsessed with the cockatiels. I work from home and the cockatiels are in my office. Ava asks to go into the office and say hi at least once a day. She always wants to hold them but that’s not going to happen for at least a year. Stonewall likes her the best; he sings to her. I can write a more detailed post.

  3. Just saw this one after I wrote a comment on your post about the birdies. I’m glad you’re teaching her respect for the birdies and not letting her get carried away. Your cockatiels are awfully cute, so getting carried away is easy to do!

    Does Ava know that Stonewall is singing for or to her, or does she just take his song for granted?

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Ava loves the singing. She said “birdie goes, tweet tweet!”

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